Terrified Lab is Left Trembling in Her Kennel after Family Dumped Her at Shelter

One Lab found herself surrendered by people she has never met before and a bunch of animals who shared her fate of being dumped and surrendered at the shelter.

When the staff at Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, welcomed Paris in, they were heartbroken for her. The family she was part of for so many years moved places and left her behind.

She was now trembling in her kennel not aware of what was going on. She wanted her humans, not knowing it was them who didn’t wanted her.

The shelter staff knew Paris’ wouldn’t make it if she stayed there for long. So, they did all they could in order to find her a new home.

One family stepped in and welcomed her in, but that didn’t last long. After a couple of days spent with them, they returned Paris back saying she was too timid.

They didn’t want to give her a chance to show them her love and her amazing personality she was hiding under the fear she felt.

Thankfully, she is now with another family who is fostering her until she’s ready to be adopted. They teach her how to trust humans again, and we hope Paris would learn that not every person is the same.

There are a lot of us who would never abandoned our pets. We hope she will eventually find her forever home with a caring individual and spend the rest of her life surrounded by kindness and affection.

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