Officer Saves Panting Pup Who Was Locked In 102-Degree Car For 26 Minutes

A Naugatuck, Connecticut man was charged after he left his small terrier in his parked car on a 100-degree day.

An animal control officer saw the panting dog, named Bingo, in the hot car in a Walmart parking lot after officers received several complaints.

Using an infrared thermometer, the officer was able to determine that the temperature inside the car was between 99.5 degrees and 102.5 degrees.

The dog’s owner, 46-year-old Andre Rodrigues, left Bingo in the car for at least 26 minutes. With the temperatures that hot, it’s a miracle that Bingo even survived.

Rodrigues has since ben charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and is set to appear in court in September.

The Naugatuck Police are using this incident to remind people that it is not okay to leave a dog in a parked car, especially during summer months when the temperatures are rising.


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