Man Climbs Out a Window 13 Floors High to Rescue Dangling Dog

A man from Bogota, Colombia, named Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez went an extra mile when he spotted his neighbor’s dog dangling from the 13th floor. I am very sure that most people who would ever find themselves in a situation like that would do all they can to save the dog, which probably includes asking professionals for help, but Jimenez knew there was not much time and that he had to act quickly.

So, believe it or not, after he looked for the owner and realized she wasn’t home and her apartment was locked, he tried reaching the dog, Luna, from the outside.

One of the neighbors from downstairs let him through their window which was positioned directly under Luna.

Brave Jimenez managed to climb out onto the ledge and up into the balcony, and pulled Luna that was holding only by her hips and back legs back to safety.

His heroic act was witnessed by a crowd of worried onlookers who were praying for the rescue to end with a positive outcome.

“When I had Luna in my hands and looked down, a thousand thoughts flew through my mind. My girlfriend was a little upset, yelling at me ‘You stay there! Do not climb back down!’” Jimenez said.

When Luna’s owner returned home and heard of what happened she was beyond grateful. When she was told what happened, she couldn’t believe someone would risk their own life for the sake of her dog’s.

“She was in tears. She is very grateful, because she just adores that dog,” Jimenez said in the article.

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