Garbage Man Observed Something Moving In One Of The Bags – It Turned To Be A Cute Surprise

What was supposed to be just an ordinary day on the job for a garbage man from the Upper Darby Township Sanitation Department turned into something he will never forget.

As he was emptying the trash when he noticed something was moving inside one of the bags. He quickly opened it and found a tiny and terrified kitten looking straight at him.

Someone cruel wanted to get rid of the sweet animal in the most horrible way possible. I honestly never understand why these people wouldn’t simply place their unwanted pets at the nearby shelter instead of dumping them and leaving them out there to die.

Uncertain of what to do with the kitten, the garbage man decided to contact Providence Animal Center who came at the scene and took the cat.

The sweet soul was given all the love and attention as well as a thorough medical check-up.

The kindhearted volunteers made sure little Grundetta, that’s how they named her, feel as comfortable as possible while under their care. She had to stay around for more than four weeks until she was grown enough to be put up for adoption.

Lovely Grundgetta is now in the safe hands of her foster mom Jane. Hopefully, she will find her forever home very soon.

Thanks to the garbage man and the staff at Providence Animal Center, this kitty that was once dumped now got her happy ending.

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