Family Seeking Justice After Neighbor Jumped the Fence and Brutally Beat Their Dog

Maybe one of cruelest forms of animal assault we’ve witnessed in a long time has taken place in Southaven recently. While the owners of 1-year-old Echo were away, the dog was severely beaten by one of the family’s neighbors.

A person who witnessed the incident told Courtney and Ron Gutowski how the neighbor was hitting their dog with a log on the head.

When they saw the state in which Echo was, they rushed him to the hospital, but sadly, the injuries were so severe that the poor animal lost one of his eyes.

This horrific ordeal not only affected Echo’s health and well-being, but his personality too. He’s now a shadow of the playful and happy puppy his once was. All he does is staying by his human mommy’s side as he’s too afraid to be left alone.

Courtney speaks of another similar incident. Namely, the same neighbor threw ice on Echo before trying to hurt him and Courtney reported him to the police, but they didn’t really do anything regarding her concerns.

At the moment, officials are further investigating the latest assault.

Now, what we all hope for is for Echo to recover from the trauma and for that vicious neighbor to pay for what he did.

Check the video below:

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