Dog Was Left Behind To Guard The House After Her Owner Passed Away

Hope For Paws received an alert about a dog staying at a vacant property. It turned out the owner had passed away 11 months ago, and the pup was left behind where she still felt a huge responsibility to guard the house. Rescuers set out and arrived to find the girl out front.

The new property owner needed the dog gone so that they could sell the house, but the dog was too scared to let anyone close. So JoAnn and Katie decided to set up a trap in the front yard and get out of sight. After about 40 minutes, the good girl felt safe enough to enter.

It had been so long since Magic felt a human touch, so they took time to earn her trust. After a checkup and a bath, The Little Red Dog was able to find her a perfect forever home! See Magic living her new life in the video below:

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