Dog Howls with Joy After He’s Finally Reunited with His Owner

Travis Allen is a dog owner who takes his four-legged pal with him wherever he goes, and the trip to Warner Robins, Georgia, wasn’t an exception. Allen was visiting his family and hoped to have some fun time with Chipper, but things took a wrong turn when the dog got missing.

Allen was scared for Chipper’s safety because he was all alone in a town he didn’t know.

Desperate to find him, Allen stayed a couple more days and searched everywhere. Unfortunately, the dog was nowhere to be seen. He contacted every shelter and posted ‘missing’ flyers hoping someone would recognize Chipper and bring him home.

Eventually, Allen had to get back home in Durham, North Carolina without his dog. However, he made sure animal organizations, among which Endless Love Pet Palace, were still looking for Chipper.

Sheila Kemp, the owner of this organization, spoke of the case saying:

“I felt the heartache and sadness in his voice, and I felt that we were supposed to help him. We were going to do all we could to find him.”

Kemp gathered her team of volunteers who took up where Allen left off and were determined to locate Chipper as soon as possible.

They set up live traps and endlessly drove through nearby areas.

After a couple of weeks, Kemp got a call from a woman who said how she believed she found Chipper. She explained how she noticed the dog wandering the streets and decided to take him in and give him some food and water. The dog was tired and confused but the woman helped him regain his strength.

More good news came in after it was confirmed the dog was in fact Chipper.

Allen couldn’t wait to hug his buddy after they spent so much time separated.

The reunion was one of the cutest we have ever seen. Chipper was over the moon to see his owner so he showered him with kisses and licks.

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