Disabled Man Gets Out Of His Wheelchair To Rescue Poor Kitten Stuck In Drain

A video of a disabled man saving a kitten stuck in a drain went viral recently and it melted the hearts of thousands of people.

It happened at Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex in Malaysia, the 30-year-old paralympic athlete Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid and his friend were walking when they spotted a poor animal struggling to hold onto the concrete barrier. Abu didn’t even hesitate and got out of his wheelchair and jumped to the rescue.

He carefully reached his arm down and managed to grab the scared animal. Luckily, the little one wasn’t hurt, it was just scared and confused.

Everything was filmed by Abu’s friend who has a prosthetic leg.

But once the video was shared on the social media, Abu became a hero in everyone’s eyes.

Just check the video below:

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