Couple On Snowmobiles Found 3 Shivering Pups Abandoned On Mountain

Driving along a snowy mountaintop they stumbled upon a very unusual sight. They noticed a dog running around having no humans or other dogs nearby.

Corey Holt and Kat Perry, tried to approach the dog but she run away.

The dog was a mommy to three Great Pyrenees puppies that were tucked inside a sheep’s carcass. Corey and Kat refused to abandon the dogs and decided to take action.

“I’m not going to leave any animal on the mountain to starve, especially, it was obvious she had pups,” Kat Perry said.

They were around 7 weeks old and they really needed to get warm.

“The pups were cold, shivering and wet and just a little ball of ice,” Perry said.

Corry and Kat asked Weber County Search and Rescue team to help them complete their mission.

Until the rescues came up with a plan to get to the mommy dog, the couple left a bunch of food for her and took the puppies with them.

“We didn’t have a leash, we didn’t have a rope or anything so we decided the best thing was [to] get these guys out first and then go back in and try to get her,” Holt said.

Kat fell in love with the puppies so she adopted one of them and named him Polar. The other two babies were taken by a local rescue organization.

Watch the full video below:

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