Couple Forced Dog to Live Chained Up With No Food or Water Outside Condemned Home

Severe case of child and animal neglect has been reported recently in Laurens, South Carolina.

An animal control service, Laurens County Animal Control, and later authorities responded to the call. Both describe it as the worst ever scene they have ever come across. 

The dog was chained outside a house and had no access to food or water. Malnourished and frightened, he was doing his best to survive under those dreadful conditions. His chain was so tight and short that it was incredible he didn’t suffocate. 

It was when the animal control got inside the house to speak with the owners about their dog that they discovered there were also children living there.

The place was extremely filthy, with bags of garbage all over the place. The smell was unbearable. They couldn’t understand how it was possible for someone to be staying in such a horrific place. 

The parents and owners of the dog, Richard Spurgeon and Melanie Strickland, were both arrested and charged with two counts; mistreatment of animals and child cruelty.

Lauren County Sheriff’s Office condemned the house and asked social services to step in. The children were taken away from the parents and the dog was seized by Animal Control. 

Some people’s cruelty has no boundaries. Luckily, authorities and animal services act on time to prevent such people from hurting others and we are beyond thankful for that.

If you ever see someone mistreating their pet, remember they can be harmful to people as well. 

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