Chained Dog Forced To Eat Off The Ground Is Finally Given A Bed And Blanket

Luna’s life was a sad one for seven long years all because she found herself under “the care” of an owner who neglected her so severely that her fur was all matted up with balls of dirt when her rescuers first saw her.

What’s even worse, Luna was chained all her life and her food was served to her on the ground. No bowl, only mud and dirt all around her.

Finally, after 2,555 days of agony and captivity, one of Luna’s owner’s neighbors contacted DAR Animal Rescue and told them of the poor animal.

We are so sorry no one who witnessed Luna’s struggling informed someone of her situation before.

Getting near Luna wasn’t easy as she had never been close to humans, nor she experienced soft touch. But her rescuers were determined to show her how her life was about to change.

Once inside the car, Luna started her journey to a better future, even though she wasn’t aware of that at the time.

Thankfully, this cute dog could experience the warmth of the human touch and what it felt like to sleep on a blanket after seven long years.

The first thing the rescuers did after they offered Luna some nice food was shaving off the mats. After the groomer was done, Luna got a completely new look. All her beauty could now shine as her filthy fur was finally off.

Luna’s stay at the shelter was a short one as she found a forever family that loves her to the moon and back. She gets to spend her days around humans who treat her the way she deserves and a doggy sibling that she loves running around with.

Believe it or not, Luna enjoys being groomed and can’t contain her happiness.

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DAR, we are forever thankful to you for making such drastic change to this dog’s life.

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