Cat Mauled to Death After Man Encourages Dog to Attack It

The RSPCA issued the video which shows the man deliberately setting his dog on pet cat.

CCTV footage released last week by the RSPCA showed a man, who was wearing a cap and hooded jacket, approaching a property with his lurcher-type dog on October 23.

The suspect then pointed a large light at a cat sitting on a wall ahead the “extremely disturbing” and brutal attack, which resulted in the animal’s death, in Woodlands Crescent, Walsall.

He said: “I noticed my gate was left open, which was suspicious, so I decided to check the CCTV and was completely shocked by what I found.

“I was very upset, I went to my neighbour’s house as I didn’t know what to do.”

He said Cleo will be “very much missed”.

“She was a daft cat in lots of ways and would lie along the driveway even there were cars about – but she was a companion to me.

“It’s just awful to think of her being attacked in this way.”

Watch the video below:

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