Blind Dog Gets Life- Changing Surgery – 15 Million Watched His Reaction

This Irish Terrier got a surgery that changed his life forever, and his reaction will show you how happy he is!

Duffy, has had many struggles during his life, and his health was one of them. He had diabetes, and after a few years he lost his eyesight because of this illness.

He got treatment for diabetes, but Duffy was missing something very precious to him – his sight. It’s a sad feeling to know that you were able to see your beloved family and one day to not being able to see anything at all.

Thankfully, Duffy got an eye surgery that would change his life forever. His surgery took place at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania. You should check the video below!

Dr. Kevin Kumrow was the veterinarian who regulated Duffy’s diabetes, and once he was stable for surgery, Dr. Brady Beale operated initiated the surgery!

These two doctors gave this dog a new chance to live a happy life!

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