Ashamed Pit Bull Left Tied to Pole at Cat Shelter Couldn’t Look at People

Ranger is just another dog dumped by his cruel owner. Sadly, stories of animals that are abandoned and neglected are all around us and we can’t understand why their owners gave them home in the first place when their only attention was to dump them on the streets.

This sweet Pit Bull was found tied to a pole behind a cat shelter with his bed and some of his belongings by his side. When Marge Morris, the director of the cat shelter Project Purr Animal Rescue, spotted poor Ranger she knew she had to help him.

However, the shelter was a home to about 100 cats and kittens that roamed the place and she didn’t really know what to do with him.

Morris thought it would be for the best if Ranger was taken at a dog shelter, so she did just that. Before that, she took a photo of him and shared it on her shelter’s Facebook page.

That photo of Ranger looking sad and ashamed to be abandoned in such manner took the attention of a woman named Ginny Leclair who wanted to help him.

Ranger was soon taken to the vet and was neutered and vaccinated. However, he seemed to be showing aggressive behavior towards other canines, and his new mommy knew she had to set things straight.

She said, “I had my doubts at first about his disposition and temperament. But on the third day, I was like, ‘Wait a minute. He needs a job. He needs to know who’s in charge. This is not one that you can be all cutesy with and baby talk with and feed him and he’ll be fine. Ranger needs to know, ‘Hey, I belong to you. You’re in charge of me. This is what we’re going to do.’”

It took Ranger a very short time to learn how to behave around dogs and people. He’s now a very vibrant dog that loves playing and meeting new friends.

Leclair’s initial plan was to foster Ranger before he finds a forever home, but now, she decided to adopt him and have him around for good. He’s been through so much and she didn’t want him to be starting with new people over again.

Take a look at Ranger in the video below.

Badass dog versus furby…lol

Publicată de Ginny Leclair pe Vineri, 26 ianuarie 2018

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