After being Shot 17 Times, Courageous Dog Survives And Gets a Second Chance As a Proud Therapy Dog

Maggie, a very courageous dog, was found tied down on the street in Lebanon, having one of her ears cut off and she had been shot 17 times.

Everyone wondered how this was possible because Maggie was one of the nicest dogs. Despite everything she’d been through, she never showed any signs of aggression towards those who rescued her.

She was taken to the vet and was patched up in short time. But her injuries were severe and the bullets left her completely blind.

They found that Maggie was pregnant, but the bullets left the fetuses damaged. Her pregnancy had to be terminated.

But Maggie was courageous and she started to recover immediately.

A rescue organization called Wild at Heart Foundation took Maggie and shared her story on social media. Many people asked to help her to find a home.

Kasey Carlin, from the UK, heard about Maggie’s story. She knew she had to take the dog in and asked to foster her.

Getting to see and hug Maggie in person, Kasey was over the moon. She ignored all the vile comments that Maggie should have been put down because she will be a burden for any family that would welcome her in their life.

In her new home, Maggie made friends with Kasey’s other dog, an Alaskan Klee Kai named Mishka. At first, Maggie was overwhelmed by Mishka’s constant howling but she soon got used to it and now the two love each other so very much and cuddle all day long.

Maggie was so friendly and loving to everyone she met that Kasey got this idea of training her to become a therapy dog. Now she visits frequently the nearby care home and all residents are over the moon whenever Maggie stops by.

Kasey adopted Maggie officially and she says it’s the best decision she’s ever made.

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