7-year-old Boy Wins the ASPCA Award for Rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs from High-Kill Shelters

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and no matter how encouraging it sounds, most of us feel like we are way too “tiny” to be able to ever change something. Well, it turns out that sometimes it only takes just a boy with a heart of gold and an innocent soul for positive changes to take place.

It all started when young Roman McConn, who was 4 at the time, and his mother visited a shelter to get a dog. But how could he possibly choose just the pet for him when there were a huge number of canines waiting to be saved? The sight of so many dogs longing for their forever homes crushed Roman’s heart.

But he was way too young to be able to make things different, or at least we think so. No matter his age, this sweet boy set his mind on becoming these dogs’ hero. And no matter how incredible it sounds, his dream did come true with the help of his mother who always trusted she should never limit her son’s dreams.

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Looking at all those dogs, Roman couldn’t stop asking his mother why they were there and not with humans who would love them. Jen, his mom, tried answering his questions, although she didn’t know many of the answers herself.

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That day, this mother and son adopted a dog they named Luna, but Roman wouldn’t stop thinking of the rest of the animals. His innocence was so pure that he told his mom he knew how to help the rest of the shelter animals. She was trilled to listen to what he had to say.

And his solution sounded way too simple yet that much complex. He suggested to find the dogs homes. Of course, everyone was hoping for that, but Roman was way too young to understand that it wasn’t an easy thing to do.


Realizing how much Roman wanted to help, Jen decided to take him to the shelter as often as possible so that he could play with the dogs and feel useful. But then, as time passed by, these two came up with an idea to start a project that would gather more attention they ever hoped for.

Roman not only played with his new friends, but he told them stories and read them books.

While Roman had fun around the dogs, Jen took pictures and made videos of the bonding time and then highlighted interesting points about each of the dogs, hoping it would help potential adopters choose a dog based on what they were looking at their new pet.

One of the cute videos features Roman and a canine named Sadie. The sweet boy could be heard saying, “She’s super shy and she hasn’t been trained to walk on a leash, so her new owner needs to be really patient.”  Needless to say, people found these videos beyond adorable.

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